5 Reasons to Start Your Travel Nursing Career Today

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5 Reasons to Start Your Travel Nursing Career Today


Travel nursing is a rewarding and exciting career option that gives you the opportunity to explore the country while working a fulfilling job. Though there are many exciting perks to beginning a career in travel nursing, many registered nurses also look to travel nursing as an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the healthcare industry.

While travel nursing is filled with adventure, there are many rewarding opportunities that come with choosing this career path.

We put together a list of reasons you should start your career as a travel nurse today.

Professional Growth

Expanding your nursing knowledge is key to professional growth. Travel nursing gives you the ability to apply yourself in a diverse set of jobs. It also allows you to improve your craft, learn new skills and exposes you to experts from all over the country.
Each travel nursing assignment gives you the chance to work in a different environment and learn from top-tier healthcare professionals, which allows you to experience that bring you a step closer to being a more well-rounded nurse.

Learning new techniques and skills in different healthcare facilities gives you the opportunity for professional growth. If you’re looking to advance your nursing career, working as a travel nurse and acquiring skills from all over the country will help broaden your expertise and show employers how adept you are at your craft.

Career Opportunities

By travel nursing, you open yourself up to many new career opportunities at hospitals across the country. Hospitals in different states are always looking to fill positions, in a variety of specialties.
If you decide to start your career in travel nursing and explore the different types of locations and facilities available, you’ll increase your chances of landing consistent assignments. Many travel nurses enjoy the job security of knowing there are always assignment options across the U.S. waiting once their current assignment ends.

Life Changing Travel Experiences

The moment you begin a career in travel nursing, you open yourself up to a number of life-changing experiences.
Getting to explore the country gives you the chance to get to know new people, from new colleagues to friends you make outside of work. Travel nursing puts you in touch with people you would’ve otherwise never met, from neighbors to friends in the area that share the same hobbies and interests.

Not only does travel nursing give you the opportunity to meet new people, it also gives you endless options to explore; from picking up a new hobby to fun activities you can do on the weekends that are unique to your assignment city.

Make More Money

Travel nurses tend to earn generous hourly pay rates, with most companies offering shift differentials, overtime, and some even offering completion bonuses.

Besides good compensation plans, travel nurses are often offered free furnished housing by their recruiting firm on day one of their assignment. Travel nurses are beginning to search for assignments in cities and states that are known for low cost living, which drives down spending and monthly bills even further.

UnitedRN provides excellent housing and compensation packages for its nurses. We even offer referral bonuses for nurses that refer their friends!

Avoid Burnout

Burnout can be fairly common in a high stress environment such as nursing. Pursuing a career in travel nursing is one way to avoid “burnout” that most permanent nurses experience.

Hospitals politics or feeling stuck in one place can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why so many registered nurses look to travel nursing. Exploring new places and meeting new people while doing what you do best is an opportunity which many other professions do not offer.

Ready to Start Your Travel Nursing Career?

Travel nursing is a great way to hone your skills, meet new people, advance your career and explore the country. Working with a staffing agency you can rely on takes you one step closer to your dream!
UnitedRN offers competitive compensation, handles housing, and keeps you in contact with a recruiter that cares about your career just as much as you do! We take pride in deploying our travel nurses to top-tier healthcare facilities nationwide.

We tailor our services to ensure that your needs are met. Your passion is our passion!



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