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We’re bringing the human connection back to healthcare
Who We Are

Mindlance Health is a customer obsessed, clinician centric company that believes in taking good care of our nurses and allied health clinicians so they can provide the best care for the patients they serve.  By leveraging the right mix of technology and human interaction, our clients are able to trust Mindlance Heath to deliver the highest quality travel clinicians that are paid above market rates while lowering costs to their hospitals. We do this by using a blended delivery model that leverages our global workforce to perform many back office functions while maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry.  This commitment to quality is validated by our deficiency-free Joint Commission Certification, the gold standard for quality healthcare delivery.





Mindlance Health is part of Mindlance, one of the largest and fastest growing staffing firms in the US. As a recruitment centric talent acquisition company, Mindlance provides Technology, Engineering, Digital/Creative/Marketing, Clinical Research, Scientific, Finance, Professional and Payroll Management staffing services to Global 1000 companies. With a revenue of over $400 Million, we’re consistently on SIA’s list of the largest and fastest growing staffing firms in the US.

Our core values reflect our purpose
Care that Reconnects

We believe that Healthcare staffing is so much more than a transactional system- it really is about people: nurses, doctors, patients, families, friends. It is our true belief that prioritizing care that puts people first before any other consideration leads to success for everyone.

Diversity and Inclusion

In an ever-growing dynamic population and interconnected world, it is critical to cultivate a culture of diverse individuals while prioritizing the contributions and needs of all. As a minority owned business, operating in multiple countries and nationally across the United States, we believe that bringing diverse individuals together to collaborate will lead us to new, creative solutions and create sustained success for the communities we serve.

Communication with Intent

We believe that intentional communication, focused on setting proper expectations, and followed up by actions, leads to trust in relationships, which is a foundation for success.

Mindfulness and Balance
guide our actions

Mindfulness and healthcare have synergy. Healthcare is about people and their lives, and mindfulness helps us stay aware of what’s at stake. It shifts the balance away from pure transaction to a paradigm where we care about each other so that we can bring the human connection back to healthcare.