A better way
Healthcare staffing the way it should be

Healthcare systems and facilities are emerging from the pandemic with mixed feelings about their staffing vendors. During this one-in-one-hundred-year crisis, they have felt taken advantage of by opportunist pricing and recruiting tactics that didn’t sit right. Many health systems are evaluating whether their incumbent staffing provider really stepped up to contribute to the solution. At the end of the day, healthcare is about human lives, and it needs to be treated as such. There has to be a better way to do business than systems the traditional supply/demand model has created.

Working with Mindlance Health is a paradigm shift

We understand that the current travel nurse model must be disrupted because it is unsustainable for health systems, their full-time clinicians and the patients they care for. When you partner with Mindlance Health, we design solutions that work for your health system and for the people in it, not one that drives up your costs and our profit. Mindlance Health blends the best technology stack in the industry with the most talented professionals to deliver a cost efficient, streamlined service. We have solutions for all types of health systems – small, medium and large – in every geography in the US – whether rural or in a major metropolitan city.

Cost Leadership

By leveraging our offshore team, with core competencies in sourcing, we lower our hiring cost and use those savings to pay our nurses and allied healthcare professionals more while billing our clients less. We also use advanced technologies for maximum operational efficiency, which translates to minimized costs. Considering the nature of healthcare recruiting, the company benefits from process automation, which is generally used in candidate attraction, credentialing, onboarding, billing, payroll, and other operational processes. These benefits enable Mindlance Health to minimize the cost of our service to our clients while paying our providers more than our competition. 

Non-clinical capability

Our hospital clients typically have the same type of workforce challenges in their non-clinical areas as they do in clinical.  Our parent company, Mindlance, a 22 year old Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) non-clinical staffing provider, has been recognized year after year as one of the largest staffing firms in the US. When combined, the capabilities of Mindlance and Mindlance Health can fill every type of open contract requisition that exists in hospitals, without subcontracting or adding additional layers of costs.

Source the best clinicians in the industry

With an agile team that can mobilize healthcare professionals faster than others, Mindlance Health leverages global resources that literally work 24/7/365 to curate the most talented pool of clinicians in the market. 

Travel nurses

Sourcing from under-sourced markets and using proprietary AI-based technology tools, we identify nurses who have already made the decision to be a travel nurse as an interim lifestyle. We don’t target full-time nurses working at hospitals because we understand how that does not contribute to the solution and only makes the problem worse.   Our focus on providing the best nurse experience ensures strong loyalty and retention. Our team members are on call to provide constant support for our clinicians- the personal approach and the mutual trust we develop create enduring clinician loyalty and ensures that we recruit and retain the very best.

Allied clinicians- both travel and local

Our allied health team is quickly becoming the partner of choice for the most respected health systems in the US. Whether laboratory, imaging, therapy or respiratory, we have recruiting specialists with deep knowledge of how to identify, screen and present the best candidates.

Non-clinical positions

Mindlance Health is the only healthcare staffing provider with consequential capability to fill all your non-clinical positions. We can do this because we are a division of Mindlance, the 22-year-old diversity owned non-clinical staffing company that is consistently named one the largest staffing companies in the industry by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA). 

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Run by the most experienced team in the industry, the Mindlance Health MSP offering is a mutual set of terms and commitments, backed up with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that prioritize patient care, cost efficiency and ease of use.  One touch point leverages the power of our partner network through our technology and human interaction to deliver quality healthcare professionals at scale. With consolidated invoicing, credential and compliance accountability and dedicated account management, the Mindlance Health MSP gives your hospital the capability to thoughtfully develop a staffing plan and then actually execute on it in partnership with Mindlance Health.

Vendor neutral

As the market normalizes post-pandemic, it is always prudent to rationalize your existing vendor panel using technology and consistent scorecarding. The Mindlance Health Vendor Neutral program provides the systems, tools and resources to operate a vendor neutral staffing program designed to control costs and hold vendors accountable. We help you launch it and provide the best technology tool in the industry to run it.

Managed Direct Sourcing

Thinking about launching a hospital-owned travel program? Mindlance Health is the first to bring Managed Direct Sourcing (MDS) to healthcare. While MDS has operated in non-healthcare staffing and is very successful at promoting the brand of the employer (not the agency) while driving down costs significantly, the service has not penetrated healthcare until now. The Mindlance Health Tier Zero Program allows your health system to be the “tier zero” provider first before posting positions to a tier one vendor panel. 

Employer of Record (EOR)

The new remote workforce opens up recruiting possibilities beyond your health system’s local labor pool. Many non-clinical roles do not require workers to be onsite. While this broadens the options for your hiring managers, it may create challenges if your health system is not set up to employ workers in other states. Mindlance Health offers an Employer of Record (EOR) service that allows your internal recruiters to identify the worker they want to hire regardless of location and use our EOR service to provide payroll and similar benefits while being employed. 

Explore our custom workforce solutions for you

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